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Virtual resources

Anouska from Within

In my discovery of who I am, art is one of the ways I learned to express myself. It are the moments of fun, joy and play, connection to myself and relaxation. Find out about my art on my Instagram.

National Institute for Play

On this website you will find information on the science of play but also exercises. Head over there and find further information. You will enjoy it!

Happiness Lab

Physical resources

play stuart brown.jpg

Play, Stuart Brown, M.D

If you are interested in Play and don't know where to start, then this is the book to go to. It was this book that started all for me, and I can only recommend to read it and get inspired. Go on, I dare you!

the power of fun catherine price.jpg

The power of Fun, Catherine Price

A slightly different approach, related to play, This book has loads of wonderful activities that you yourself can do to get you started. Feel free to do them, even if others have opinions, It is your life, Have fun with it!!!

In the podcasts on Happiness by Laurie Santos you will find loads of wonderful topics, ideas and resources to listen to. She is very inspirational!

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