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Joy ~The Spice Of Life

Play-Full Life

Immerse yourself in the art of playfulness with this transformative course! Through a blend of activities, mindfulness practices, and self-reflection, we'll explore various avenues to infuse playfulness into our lives. We'll reflect on the past, take stock of the present and look into the future.

Using my background as a happiness facilitator, life coach and yoga teacher, I bring together personal and professional insights to guide our playful journey. Together, we'll craft personalized strategies to amplify playfulness, not only in our daily lives but also within the professional realm.

Ready to rediscover the joy of play? Whether you're an individual seeking a more vibrant life or an organization aiming to foster a playful workplace culture, I invite you to connect. 

Here's to a day filled with laughter and play!




February: Play-Full Life Online (dates to be confirmed)

Online course               £30

private coaching

If you wish to connect with me privately, we can meet in-person and online. Please feel free to contact me here 

1 hour online                £40

1.5 hour online             £60

In person varies on location, travel, etc...

Professional facilitation

Please contact me to discuss details.


Kinder Exeter
Kinder Exeter
The Playful University club
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