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Joy ~The Spice of Life

Yoga With Anouska

Welcome to Yoga with Anouska, where we embrace the beauty of movement and connection with our bodies. Join us in experiencing the endless possibilities that our bodies hold, while immersing ourselves in a state of freedom and joy.

Our Hatha yoga classes are designed to help you move through postures with ease, while allowing you to feel the stretch and expansion of your mind and body. We use different types of movement and props to create a unique and transformative experience.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, our classes are perfect for you. There is no need to fear, as we welcome everyone to connect with their true selves and find joy in the present moment. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Let us come together and create a space for ourselves to flourish and connect. Join us at Yoga with Anouska and discover the beauty of movement and the power of connection with your body.


Spring is here!

Let's have fun getting our body and mind in spring mode. In this course we will spend time in opening up, stretching, getting ready to move more, turn and greet the new!

Currently no online classes

                     In Person*
  Yoga and Movement            Thursdays 19.30-20.30
   The Beacon Centre, Exeter

   £ 7,50 one session, £38 course (6 sessions






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No workshops planned currently

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Videos, vlogs, etc

From time to time I make a little video about something Yoga and movement. I do share these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Click HERE to have a peek

Next to items about movement and yoga, I also post about life experiences, pondering, that kind of things.

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