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This macrame tree of life was an absolute pleasure to design and create! The yellow and blue as the sun and the sky!

The blue was dyed by yours truly. It was the first time and not knowing how the blue dye would interact with a natural tone was exciting. The results are wonderful.

🌞 The sun is crochet and made with cotton.

🪵The shelf is a pallet wood slat with beautiful edges. It’s coated with Finishing wax.

⭐️ This is a piece of art where you can add items to make it meaningful to you. I added a heart rose quartz and Chewbacca for the reason. To give you an idea.

Measurements: width 45cm, length 86cm. 

Lego and stone not included:)


                        Price: £100.00


                   contact me for shipping


For commission please contact me                                     HERE


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