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Joy ~ The Spice of Life  


Hi, I am Anouka Cekalovic, a joyful yoga instructor and coach, and massive joy enthusiast. And I welcome you to my website. Here you will find the most recent information on the when and where of my activities. If you have any question, send me a message. All you do is click here.

The yoga style I share is about bringing our attention to our body, creating a curious, sensing connection to it, feeling how all kinds of movements can help us stay grounded and whole. I combine it with some elements of meditation as my aim is to open us up to increase our joy. To find out more, go to my yoga page.

My coaching is the way I live life: to be bold and daring to live in our unique Here and Now, where we find the path to joy. Be prepared as I like to laugh and have fun. Some yoga and meditation can be part of the sessions, to reaffirm the integration of body, mind and heart. If you want to know more, then head over to my coaching page.

Enjoy my website and come join me on our adventures. I wish us a wonderful day. Let's make it a good one (it really is in our hands).


                                                   See you!

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