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Son daring his first jump of high rocks

Joy ~ The Spice of Life  


This is me

Greetings! I'm Anouska Cekalovic—your facilitator, coach, and yoga guide, here at Circling Joy.  Step into my virtual space where the realms of self-discovery, mindfulness, and movement seamlessly converge. My approach mirrors how I live life— bold and daring, embracing the unique 'Here and Now,' where the path to joy unfolds.

My journey is anchored in the belief that true well-being arises from the      integration of body, mind, and heart. Get ready for laughter as we move, play, discover, and reflect, reaffirming the unity of body, mind, and heart in every moment.


The services I offer are:

  ~ facilitation & coaching: Engage in workshops and coaching sessions tailored to rediscover your fun, joy and play.

  ~ Yoga classes: Immerse yourself in hatha practices fused with other movements, meditation, breath work, and joy.​​

Join me in-person or virtually for a journey towards well-being and joy. If you have any question feel free to connect with me.

I wish us a wonderful day. Let's make it a good one (it really is in our hands).

                                                                      See you!

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